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Looking at a New Jersey drug addiction treatment for a loved one or for yourself can be a frustrating experience. What type of drug addiction treatment is the best? How long should the drug addiction rehab be? Should the addiction rehab be out-patient or residential rehabilitation treatment?

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Substances and alcohol is brought to the individual. He will feel to a certain degree a release from the overwhelm that has on him cause of life style etc.. The person than becomes trapped in to it. Substances or alcohol will become a solution to counter the overwhelm. Let’s take a really common situation for this. You have an individual who is a young adult. He has a lack with his communication skills. He is shy. He wants to meet with girls. There is the communication problem that stop him to start a conversation, to just ask a girl to dance etc. You have seen something like this in your life. Then he has a few drinks and suddenly he can talk, ask a girl to dance and so on. He just found a solution for his problem. Even if it does not gave him a girl friend cause he does not make sense in his talk! So every time he’ll want to communicate . This will be his solution to “have fun”, to meet with girls. This person goes in life and get married. Then a problem comes up with his spouse. He still cannot solve this problem with communication. Then he gets overwhelm with it. Then he has a drink and suddenly he can face his wife. He just found a solution for his lack of ability. Every time in any aspect of life, he will have to face a situation. Alcohol will be his solution. Any substance will bring the judgment of the individual down. So this solution will bring more problem. Then he will be more overwhelm. You end up with a person that has to use a substance to communicate, to have fun, to sleep, etc. This a really common example of how addiction works. For sure you have seen an example like this in your life. This applies to any substance.

Traditional drug rehab treatment modalities advocate that alcoholism and drug addiction are a disease. This is not true. Drug and alcohol use is a choice, not unlike any other bad decisions we make in life. This fact of course becomes blurred over time as drugs and alcohol completely take priority over all other matters. Attending long term drug rehab centers helps drug addicted individuals by pulling them off from the environment for a period of time with minimal distractions. This provides the individual a safe environment that is far off from drug connections and locations. It is extremely difficult to help someone with a full blown drug or alcohol addiction without removing him or her from their drug environment. There is no quick fix for drug addiction and alcoholism. Recovery is often a long procedure, there should be little focus on time in the early stages of treatment. The skills one learns during intensive drug rehab must be integrated into everyday life, and this takes time.

In 2005, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made 786 drug arrests statewide.

There were 418 homicides known to authorities in New Jersey during 2005, and 30 juvenile and 255 adult arrests for murder.

Over 30,000 of the total narcotic arrests in 2005 involved opium or cocaine and their derivatives.

Of the narcotic arrests in 2005, 42,725 were possession/use arrests.

During 2005, there were 14,247 arrests statewide for the sale/production of drugs.

There were 691 deadly crashes and 748 fatalities during 2005. 31 of the deceased drivers, 10 of the deceased passengers, and 12 of the deceased pedestrians involved tested positive for narcotics.

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