Ecstasy Effects

Ecstasy is also called as MDMA. It is a synthetic psychoactive drug that stimulates the mood and takes a person to euphoric state. Ecstasy was produced by a German pharmaceutical company. Not much is known about the working and functions of MDMA molecules and the result produced on the brain. All we know are the external effects and its consistency. Ecstasy can create physical and mental trauma to the users.



Sometimes users experience buoyant disposition and positive feelings, increased sympathy and concerned feelings for others, high energy level and light weighted. There has been a rapid increase in Ecstasy users in the recent years due to its euphoric effects.

Medical Use and effects

Medically except for a couple of uses nothing specifically is known about Ecstasy. Unfortunately during the treatment few patients got addicted to it which had a second phase of rehabilitation.

Adverse Effects of Ecstasy

The drug offers pleasure, but for a short time, whereas the side effects lasted for lifetime. It leads to anxiety and hallucinations. Sudden feeling of shivers down the spine, tremors, blurred vision, increase in the body temperature, sweating accompanied by chill and more are the usual symptoms noticed in an Ecstasy user. If it is the first dose the user might also feel panicky, but as the drug starts working it kindles pleasant feelings. The drug also affects the muscular system.

The addictive tendency of Ecstasy is similar to other pleasure drugs such as LSD, Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin. You can call the down sides of Ecstasy a major similarity to other drugs. The negative effects outweigh the short term pleasure.

A regular Ecstasy user might suffer memory loss or mental disorders due to the depletion of dopamine and serotonin. Learning disorders and decrease in the level of performance are the other two consequences of Regular Ecstasy consumption.

Few of the immediate effects of Ecstasy consumptions are sleep related problems, acne and rashes, anxiety, blurred vision, clenching of teeth, confusion, depression, nausea, paranoia and hallucinations. These symptoms are likely to aggravate with continuous usage of the drug. Prolonged use will lead to organ dysfunction or organ damage.

After ‘High’ Effects

On coming down the whole body might feel exhausted and worn out. You might feel emotionally drained out at times. To overcome these problems, look out for a cozy corner to relax. Listen to soothing music and have something refreshing.

Effects of Overdose

Effects of Ecstasy can become dreadful when the dose exceeds the limit. The user can suffer sudden strokes, paralysis or even heart attacks and ultimately all these could lead to death.

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