Effects of Alcohol

What are the effects of alcohol?

Alcohol is a drink that contains ethyl alcohol, this is a double carbon containing compound with an attached hydroxyl group. Alcohol is a beverage that is not deadly until consumed at a heavier amount. It is consumed in most of the countries and is not illegal. Drinking alcohol is common to many regions and religions. Most of the countries have specified the minimum age to drink, which is 18 years old or above.

Alcohol of different kinds

Alcohol of different kinds

Alcohol has short-term effects and long-term effects. Considering the short-term effects of alcohol there are many symptoms that are easily visible. It includes depression of the nervous system followed by a dimension of symptoms. Alcohol effects depend upon the amount of beverage an individual has taken. If it consumed in higher amount, the effects are more severe than taken into lesser amount.

Short-term affects shows tendency to injuries, fight and miscarriage. The victim when consume alcohol shows dizziness, lack of concentration and perception. The person is not able to judge the distance and performs an imbalance walk. The victim is unable to concentrate and properly converse with others.

The long-term effects are more injurious than the short-term effects. Excessive alcoholism leads to coronary heart disease, stroke, mal-absorption, respiration problem, cirrhosis, cancer and alcoholic liver problems. Excessive usage can lead to death sometimes, when the body gets saturated on absorption.  If the consumption is regular, then damage to central nervous system can also appear.

As alcohol can pass the blood brain barrier, it reaches the brain causing disturbances in balancing and perception. If the consumption increases more and is sustained for a longer period of time, it causes many liver diseases, cancers of pharynx and esophagus and inflammation in pancreas.

Alcohol is not illegal still its excessive usage can lead the person to extreme trouble. Moreover, his family will suffer a lot due to his fault. They can be exploited financially, physically and mentally. A drunken person has no sense of whatever he is doing. He is unable to control his own mind.  Therefore, the person can act deadly sometimes. Consuming alcohol is a person’s own decision; therefore to stop himself will be his own will power.

The alcohol effects are slow, but can be deadly if the person consumes it regularly. To avoid such trouble the person need to have strong will and should consult the rehabs to ensure better and stable life. This will make the person and his family happier and healthier.

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