Effects of Marijuana

Before we look into the pleasant and the ill effects of Marijuana let us take a look at the studies conducted by two different organizations. National Survey on Drug Use and Health says that 62.2 % of the Americans under the age of 18 are the first time users of Marijuana. Another organization – Monitoring the Future, survey claims that 67.2% of the school–goers, especially the 8th, 10th and 12th Grade students are Marijuana smokers.



Now the question is Why Marijuana? It is preferred next to Tobacco and alcohol by most of the Americans and why even people living in other parts of the world. While tobacco and alcohol have limited effects, Marijuana has extended and prolonged effect on the senses while smoked or consumed. Out of the 400 chemicals found in Marijuana, the mind- altering one is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). It creates the euphoric effects on the users. The level of this chemical present in the crop is determined by the particular variety, soil, climatic conditions and the time of harvest.

Marijuana is usually smoked in cigarettes or pipes. It is also consumed indirectly. Cookies, Candies, Brownies and syrups are made using this drug which works slowly but the effect lasts longer than the smoke. Few people brew Marijuana and drink the potion like tea.

While the crude Marijuana itself is very effective there are two more forms which are more effective. Sinsemilla, (‘without seed’ in Spanish) is made from the buds of the female plant. The THC level in this form ranges from 7.5% to 24%. Hashish is a solid form of Marijuana which is made from the flowers of Hemp, sold in a foil wrapper and looking like a piece of chocolate. This contains the maximum amount of THC (about 5-10 times more than the crude form).

Effects of the drug

Adverse effects of Marijuana are seen on the body, lungs and the brain of the users. Marijuana’s depressant and relaxing properties calm down the senses of the users. If smoked the effect shows within a few minutes. The heat of the drug dries your throat when you inhale it. Even the rate of heart beat increases due to the smoke. Regular smoking reduces the memory and cause temporary paralysis of the senses. Though you feel relaxed the brain loses its natural functioning skills which leads to hallucinations and paranoia. You remain disturbed and restless. Though few symptoms are short lived, long term usage might lead to permanent problems.

In youngsters and adolescents Marijuana attacks the mind leading to memory loss, disability to memorize and interrupted retention. The cognitive abilities get disrupted which could affect their professional and personal life.

The respiratory system of the Marijuana smokers is prone to attacks. Chest congestion, phlegm deposits and blockage in the air passages are the common problems.

Marijuana affects the hormonal balance in women, especially the adolescent girls at the verge of puberty. Even pregnant women are at the risk of causing health problems to their unborn babies by using Marijuana in any form.

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