Effects of Meth

Methamphetamine is a highly persuasive drug. The use of meth is today restricted in countries across the world. This is because of the misuse by the present generation. It is available in the form of fine coarse powder or crystal like chunks of white or pale yellow color. It can be ingested orally or intra-nasally or through IV injections. It is available in a ready to use form and has long term effects.

Cristal Meth

Cristal Meth

The ecstatic effects of meth are similar to those of cocaine, the only difference being the duration of these effects. The effects of meth are comparatively longer lasting. These drug effects may last from 2 – 20 hours, depending on the quantity of the drug ingested. It is difficult to notice a meth abuser because of the smoke being colorless and odorless.

Meth or amphetamine produces physical effects similar to those of other stimulant drugs. Some of the major physical drug effects experienced by the users of meth are:

  • Euphoria

This is a state of immense pleasure. This pleasure makes the abuser forget all his worries and the outer world and he continues to stay in his own world of pleasure.

  • Increased alertness

The consumption of meth leads to an increase in the alertness level of the abuser. The teenagers, in their voracity of attaining extreme level of concentration and immense pleasure, have begun to take high doses, unaware of the fact that a regular high dose may result in addiction and dependence.

  • Higher level of energy

The users experience great energy level only till time the effect of meth lasts in the blood. But, once the level of meth begins to get down, the patient feels an immediate urge for the drug. The abuser experiences a decline in the level of fatigue during the effect of meth in the blood.

As the user is living under euphoric pleasure as one of the drug effects of meth, he forgets all his weaknesses and unaware of his personal limitations, he tries to do things which are out of their potential. This feeling is identified as ‘Superman Syndrome’.

  • Increased level of seduction

The consumption of meth leads to an induced desire of indulging in sexual activities. Under the effect of meth, the abuser sometimes indulges in unsafe sexual activities, which may cause HIV/AIDS.

The abuser of meth can be treated with medicine and a detox but not the behavioral treatment. The problem can be cured through emotional assessment and professional counseling regarding the negative effects of meth and a new drug and empowering education, which will help the individual deal with life successfully.

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