What Are the Effects of Heroin?

The effect of Heroin is very serious.  The Heroin user should be ready of what can happen with his health as even death may occur.  Even if it’s used the first time, it can directly cause problems.  The different methods of using and abusing the substance can result in diseases or indirect problems.

Heroine is refined from Opium made from the Amapola flower

Heroine is refined from Opium made from the Amapola flower

The rush or getting high is one of the main reasons why heroin is addictive. With just a single dose, it is enough to create a rush or the feeling of getting high.  The euphoria is felt within eight seconds when the heroin is injected, while smoking or snorting the drug takes longer to have effect.  When the rush starts to wear off the user becomes alert and drowsy.  This state is called “On the nod,” where the user’s judgment is partially clouded and feels heavy and extreme in behavior.

The use of heroin slows down the user’s central nervous system.  The heart rate is slower and the blood pressure drops. Even the respiratory function can be impaired.  With longer use they may lead to lung or heart failure. It is bad for one’s health and that person is prone to acquiring illness. When the immune system is lower there is a high probability of getting pneumonia or liver disease. Infection in heart lining and valve sets in because of lack of sterile techniques.

If the user takes it repeatedly the tolerance of the drug is also developed in the body. In this way the body is used to the heroin effects and more and more doses are needed to produce the feeling of euphoria.  After a while the amount of dosage is increases and the abuser becomes drug dependent and heroin is needed for the body to function. The heroin has many negative effects on the body and mind.

The use of such drugs can result in different effects that are indirectly related to the effects of the drug in the body. Take note that these indirect effects can affect the user on a long-term basis especially on the person’s health.

As mentioned, the fastest way of feeling euphoric is through injection.  The use of such needles can have many effects.  One effect is the collapsing of veins. When a particular vein is injected with several times can collapse the veins.  Another one is using heroin in numbers where users share needles.  There might be infected users in the group like HIV and Hepatitis.

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